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Virgo Technologies is a top-notch software product development company and our services are designed to take your business to the next level. We cooperate with technology businesses globally to create brand new products and implement market-leading solutions.


We Build Tools For the Web

Product Development

Using a mixture of mature Agile development capabilities, design thinking, and years of product development experience, Virgo Technologies offers a potent combination of services to enhance your product development activities.

Cloud Software Development

Our services include enterprise cloud software development, cloud-based innovation, and product development in the cloud and SaaS space. Our services cover Microsoft Windows Azure platform, as well as custom cloud implementations.

Software Architecture

Today’s software architectures need to be robust, flexible, portable to different platforms, and able to interact with third party products. Software products require mature and advanced software architecture.

Mobile Development

Virgo Technologies creates mobile applications for all platforms, devices, and across the spectrum of mobile applications from native, hybrid, HTML5 and web-based. We provide world-class mobile application development services.


Process Principles

Software product implementation is the most complex part of the development cycle that could take one-third of the entire project budget. Using Agile approach, we’ve implemented several iterative and incremental methodologies to our workflow to guarantee interactivity and flexibility of our services. All software built by our company has a user-friendly design and is very simple to learn. We try to avoid technical and other potential risks by using the latest methods of risk analytics tools.


What You Get

Responsive Themes

Full Customization

World Class Support

3rd Party Support

Updates & Fixes

User Roles

Robust Documentation

Built In Analytics

Virgo Technologies has just one goal - to help you reach your business and technology objectives. We will be glad to assist you in finding the best solution.

Full Software Lifecycle

End To End Product Development Services To Meet Your Needs

Product development starts with creating new ideas and then rapidly testing and prototyping them to see what works. Virgo Technologies has extensive experience helping customers at these early stages of the product development lifecycle.

Product development and quality assurance is the heart of what Virgo Technologies does. To help free up your internal teams, we provide ongoing maintenance services for your existing products.


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